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V4 Services

260 projects delivered for over 120 clients across the UK in the past two years including councils, NHS, social enterprises and the private sector

We like a challenge and know that you have plenty of them. Many of our clients have lived through substantial financial pressures for nearly ten years and make contact with us when they need extra ideas for reducing cost, improving their performance, or for some, making change happen within large and complex organisations.  

Our approach is always to understand your issues, what you want in terms of outcomes and an exploration of all the potential options (accepting that some may not be politically desirable).  We provide you and your stakeholders with the information and evidence that they need to make fully informed decisions.  When you’ve chosen the route that you want to take, we then work alongside your teams to get on and deliver that change – taking responsibility and being accountable for the outcome.  

We’ve delivered tangible benefits with our clients, captured in our case studies.   Take a look by browsing the subject tabs and if you like what you read, give us a call on 0161 537 8200 or contact us at tellmemore@v4services.co.uk
Local government transformation
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