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V4 Services

It's all about outcomes

We help organisations to overcome challenges whether that’s:
  • A 30% reduction in service cost
  • Reducing unplanned admissions to hospital or
  • Finding ways to continue running non-statutory services or
  • Taking a vision for new community facilities to reality.  

We’re up for a challenge and being able to find and deliver solutions is why we exist.

Our team has delivered 260 projects with 120 different organisations in the last three years. Our clients include councils, NHS, private sector and the new entities which have been set up to overcome the ongoing financial challenges. Here are some of our highlights: 
  • Set up a new Programme Management Office to coordinate a number of change projects for Oldham Urgent Care Alliance, to meet the target of reducing A&E admissions by 3.5% on the previous year.  Together, we met and exceeded the target achieving a 5.8% reduction in unplanned hospital admissions despite a 2.6% increase in attendances over the same period.
  • Successfully facilitated the establishment of 23 new operating models across the UK.
  • New operating models developed for legal services; waste, recycling and grounds maintenance; housing management; adult social care; international conference and exhibition centre; visitor attractions and commercial procurement.
  • Managed 15 successful outsourced services resulting in £13.1 million annual savings.
  • Supported Buckinghamshire County Council to set up Buckinghamshire Law Plus with the first ever licence to be granted from the Solicitors Regulation Authority to a council to trade legal services.
  • Enabled substantial investment in leisure facilities during a time where non-statutory services are under immense pressure.  With Bedford Borough Council we enabled a £3 million investment in leisure facilities with their leisure management operator, Fusion Lifestyle and in Powys, the health and fitness centres are receiving around £2.5 million investment from operator, Freedom Leisure.
We’re proud of the outcomes that we deliver in partnership with our clients, browse our case studies to find out more. 

If you like what you read give us a call on 0161 537 8200 or email tellmemore@v4services.co.uk
Transforming business
Case Studies

A range of case studies are available for you to browse. If you're interested in more information please call us.