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V4 Services

Taking a business-like approach to generate income or reduce cost

Service Overview
Making the public pound go further
Austerity continues to challenge the public sector to ensure the right services are delivered for those who need them at best value for money.  We help you and your teams to be more ‘commercial’ or  ‘business-like’ to get the best outcomes from the public pound.

We help develop commercial strategies, practically support implementation, train and support teams to improve their understanding and work with you to design and deliver improved value for money and outcomes.

Our services include:
  • Cost and income analysis, insight and data analytics
  • High-level opportunity identification
  • Development of business cases
  • Implementation support for alternative delivery models, trading and income generation
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Commercial training
Developing the skills to think and operate commercially
With the public sector continuing to face substantial financial challenges you may be exploring your opportunities to subsidise frontline services, keep council tax from rising or address a market failure.

We support you and your teams to develop the commercial thinking and skills needed to develop and sell services or introduce new charged-for discretionary services.

Our commercial training includes:
  • Knowledge of the context, powers, opportunities and limitations for trading within the public sector
  • An understanding of the possible service delivery options for selling your services
  • The ability to work through the costs of providing your service
  • The skills to carry out an analysis of the market place and set out a business development plan
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Transforming business
Case Studies

A range of case studies are available for you to browse. If you're interested in more information please call us.