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V4 Services


Our experience within ICT allows us to offer you services from Director of ICT through to technical and service delivery. Many local authorities are faced with ever increasing ICT costs, and an ageing software and hardware estate. Our clients know their problems, but are not confident of the solutions.
We can:
  • Evaluate the overall ICT service delivery of an organisation
  • Recommend organisational change (including advantages and disadvantages of a third party managed ICT service
  • Facilitate the creation of a clear ‘Strategic ICT plan’
  • Remove the jargon from ICT and explain technical solutions in plain English
Our experience demonstrates that typically the hardware and software ICT infrastructures deployed by local authorities across the UK have grown as a result of requirements from users within departments. These departments often operate much like vertical markets within the commercial sector, and it's not uncommon to find the same supplier deploying the same software to two separate departments within the same local authority. The organisational structure has often grown in a similar manner with staff ‘migrating’ to ICT without having a sound grounding in the broader ICT arena.
This problem is further compounded by users always wanting the ‘latest and greatest', meaning that many authorities find themselves with third party support agreements for pieces of software that are no longer in use.

We can:
  • Audit the complete ICT infrastructure including the network
  • Carry out an organisational audit of all applications (and versions) deployed on desktop machines
  • Fully audit the server hardware that is deployed to support these clients
  • Audit the user population of each application
  • Audit any web-based application that may be used throughout the authority
  • Audit third party software and hardware licenses and maintenance agreements
Transforming business
Case Studies

A range of case studies are available for you to browse. If you're interested in more information please call us.