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V4 Services

V4 Services Project Management

A successful business transformation programme needs a central programme and project management function to ensure delivery of anticipated financial benefits through clear project ownership, rigorous performance management and business reporting to senior management and other stakeholders.

V4 Services has worked with TMI Systems Ltd to develop a web-based application for programme and project management reporting.

The system:
  • Allows real-time sharing of information with project teams, stakeholders and senior management
  • Enables management and monitoring of all projects, from initial ideas to completion
  • Provides a robust system for tracking project deadlines and key delivery dates
  • Gives visibility of end-to-end savings and other non-financial benefits
To ensure success and sustainability, the Programme and Project Management Team at V4 Services works with project managers to establish benefits profiles and to challenge, monitor and automate the reporting process.
The Verto software provides the opportunity for greater collaboration and knowledge-sharing with other authorities and public sector providers through an online database of business cases and best practices.

Programme and Project Management

V4 Services has the expertise necessary to successfully orchestrate project management for visible results and sustained performance. 
Transforming business
Case Studies

A range of case studies are available for you to browse. If you're interested in more information please call us.