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Waste Management

We provide client-side leadership and management of Peterborough City Council’s Integrated Waste 2020 Strategy.  Peterborough is in the top five unitary authorities in the country and has a recycling rate of 48%.

An overall investment by the council of over £50million will ensure the council achieves its target of increasing recycling levels to 65% and beyond by 2020.
Key investments are:
  • Energy from waste facility - design, build and operate a c65,000 tonne capacity facility (2015)
  • New recycling centre - design, build and operate a c100,000 tonne capacity materials recycling facility (2012)
  • New contract for waste collection, street cleansing, grounds maintenance and other operational services by a process of competitive dialogue designed to get the best service for residents and the authority
  • Anaerobic Digestor to process food and green waste
These developments, on a single site, have the potential to cut the volume of rubbish taken to landfill by 95%, produce renewable energy e.g. electricity to the National Grid and provide a long-term, sustainable alternative to landfill.

Our work includes:
  • Managing the tender process of the £180mil contract for front-line services waste collection and disposal, grounds maintenance, street cleansing, fleet management, facilities management and catering
  • Project managing the construction of Peterborough’s new waste and recycling facilities
  • Optimising opportunities to generate energy to sell to the commercial sector or reduce our client’s utility bills
  • Advising on appropriate financial models for major, long-term construction projects
  • Implementing effective procurement routes
  • Advising on Government and EU regulations
  • Sourcing Central Government finance and grant aid
For more information www.65percentplus.co.uk
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